President’s Message

Established in 1923,

the skills accumulated for more than nine decades

allow a leap to the future.

In March 1923 we started operation as a specialized manufacturer of metal molds.
After our strenuous efforts to improve skills and address technology development since then, we are pleased to announce that the results were highly evaluated by a wide variety of industries.
We have gathered satisfactory results in the field of design and manufacturing of metal molds for industries, for vehicles, and for general purposes. The accumulative technological and R&D powers has just allowed us to leap forward to the next generation.

Based on the belief that without individual staff member’s support we cannot manufacture both high-precision and high-quality products, our daily challenge is to continue to ensure our customers trust and respond to their needs.

Furutani Co., Ltd. will step forward without forgetting a solid perspective for the present and the future while upholding worthwhile traditions.

We sincerely hope to keep working as a useful company.
Thank you.

Koichi Furutani